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"...A leading Microfinance Bank providing an integrated information technology-driven banking services that proffer solutions to all the financial needs of our customers."
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Ogbete Microfinance Bank is reputed for offering monetary loans to small and medium scale enterprises to enhance economic activities and business growth and sustainability. .






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Savings Account

OMFB allows you to deposit money, keep it safe, and withdraw funds, while earning interest.

Children Savings Account

it's never to early to save for your kids, OMFB opens a new way to save with your kids for their bright future.

Term Depoist Account

Our Term Depoist account is an investment account that offers attractive interest rates and runs for a pre-defined tenor.So you can invest your money and know exactly what you will receive at maturity.

Christmas Saving Account

OMFB offers short-term savings account in which money is desposited periodically to be withdrawn at the end of the year for Christmas

Education Saving Account

OMFB's Education Saving Account allows you to invest in your child's educaton without worrying about future payments.

Personal Current Account

Personal Current Account from OMFB provides you with easy access to your money and helps you manage your bills on the go.

Company Current Account

OMFB's Company Current Account provides the support your businesses need to grow with a dedicated company current account.

Standing Orders

OMFB provide Standing Orders services for clients at very low charges.

Bounded Warehousing

OMFB offers secured warehouses in which customer's goods are stored until customs duty is paid or the goods are cleared for export.

LPO & Contract Financing

Here at OMFB, we provide needed support for the execution of our client's local purchase order(LPO) by providing between 70-90% of funding requirements for such contract.

Equipment Leasing

Grow your business with equipment leasing from OMFB to get the tools you need to run your business.

Management Consultancy Services

OMFB provides banking and financial services consultancy for our respective clients in Small and Medium Scale Businesses.

Guarantees & Indemnities

OMFB can serve as a guarantee and indemnity.

Money Transfer Services

OMFB offers Quick and Easy money transfer services for our clients.

Issuance of Bankdraft & Bank Cheques

We issue Bank Drafts and Bank Cheques.

Safekeeping Of Valuables

OMFB offers facilities to protect valuables such as documents, certificates, jewellery and other precious possessions from fire outbreaks and theft.

Loans & Overdraft

We provide loans and overdraft services for clients who are in need for facilities

Commercial Papers

OMFB offers short-term debt financing securities that can matures over a short period of time

Merger & Acquisition

OMFB can handle area of corporate finances, management and strategy dealing with purchasing and/or joining with other companies

Cooperative Account

OMFB handles Co-operative accounts for Small and Medium Scale enterprises.

Fiduciary Service(initial setting up of business)

OMFB also handles Fiduciary Management that properly manage the total assets of the asset owner on an integrated basis through a combination of advisory and delegated investment services to achieve the asset owner's overall investment objectives

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